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    1. Parkour Quest

      Updates Parkour Quest | Update Beta 1.1

      Potion shop opened - Use /menu or /shop to access it - Use credits to redeem potions - Speedy Brew gives you speed - Bouncy Broth gives you jump Playtime credits - Earn credits every 5 minutes - Credit amount is randomized Course credit rewards - Courses now give more credits -...
    2. Parkour Quest

      Updates Parkour Quest | Official Release!

      It's time to put your parkour skills to to the test! Take on the first 6 main adventure courses and compete for the best time possible! Beta phase - Completing the 6 beta courses will give you the [beta] tag - Help us test and find any bugs present at release - Test new upcoming features...
    3. Parkour Quest

      Updates Parkour Quest | Returns Tomorrow!

      Re-explore the gorgeous world of Parkour and jump your way through increasingly difficult stages! Earn credits, buy potions, and come up with unique ways to battle other players for the best time possible. At launch - Take on 6 beautiful and challenging courses! - Earn credits by simply...
    4. Parkour Quest

      Updates Parkour Quest | Update 0.0 - 0.32 Compiled

      What's new: - Grasslands course revamped - Temple of Terror course revamped - Portal hub revamped - Scoreboard added - Credits economy system added - Course menu added (/courses) - World record holograms added - Best time holograms added - LPS added if disconnected - Timer menu bar added -...
    5. Parkour Quest

      Updates Parkour Quest | Development Started

      Development Started Development for Parkour has started (again) - estimated deployment will be in a week or two, but this will be extended if more time is needed to finalize and polish different aspects of the server. This is more at the discretion of Jelle and Judith.

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