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    1. Minecore

      Updates The Spooktober Update

      October is here, and it's time to get spooky! Spooky cosmetics - Get the "Spooky Pack" to unlock scary cosmetics - Only available for a limited time! - https://store.minecore.ca/category/event New parkour course - Beat it to unlock the Shadow Death effect - Play the new "Spooky Season"...
    2. Minecore

      Updates October - The Consistency Update

      Almost all servers now have similar setups to each other. Discord remodel - All updates will fall under the updates channel now - Update version will no longer be public New rank system - Ranks have been completely redone - Unlocking a rank now applies to all servers - New staff rank...
    3. Minecore

      Rules/Guidelines Official Rules & Guidelines

      These are the Official Rules of the Minecore Network *These may be altered at any moment in time* The Golden Rules (Includes any and all Platforms Used by the Minecore Network [i.e. Minecore Social Medias]) I.) Scamming of any type is not permitted. II.) Any threats on a person in real life...
    4. Minecore

      Updates Chaos | Event

      KOTH (King Of The Hill) - Last man standing - PvP Event - Everyone has the same loot Even Playing ground - When you die you are out of the event REWARD - 2 Fable Key - 2 Legendary Keys - 4 Epic Keys - $100,000 - 5 Tokens DATE - May 16 (Saturday) - 3 PM EST - Durpy...
    5. Minecore

      Information Havenscapes | Season 4

      We are no longer accepting new applicants for Season 3, as we believe 1.16 will be released soon. We will open the new application soon and start the new whitelist. Season 4 will be more-or-less the same as Season 3, but we hope to keep activity prospering throughout the season using a few...
    6. Minecore

      Information Havenscapes | Rules

      1. Be respectful of all property. It is against the rules to destroy or remove any blocks from another player’s build without expressed permission. Editing someone else’s build via pranks is allowed, but you may only add blocks, not destroy. 2. Absolutely no stealing. We have plugins that will...
    7. Minecore

      Updates Chaos | Update 3.14

      Bug fixes - Fixed users being able to prestige before dungeon - Fixed error message with prestige - Ben (Vitzual) Original Discord Message
    8. Minecore

      Updates Chaos | Update 3.13

      New repair system - Added new Repair System with $$ and EXP - Changed the name of the Repairman to Blacksmith Bug fixes - The x2 multiplier at tier 1 now works - Replaced rare keys with epic keys - Ben (Vitzual) Original Discord Message
    9. Minecore

      Updates Chaos | Update 3.12

      Spring pack price reduced - Spring pack has been reduced to $5.99 - With current sale, $4.79 - Ben (Vitzual) Original Discord Message
    10. Minecore

      Updates Chaos | Update 3.11

      Spring Fever Event - Bring the heat in the limited time dungeon - Earn limited time rewards - Grab the new Heatwave kit New dungeons GUI - Type /dungeons to view all dungeons - This GUI will be updated with more info Bug fixes - You are now able to use repairmen at spawn -...
    11. Minecore

      Updates Chaos | Update 3.1

      Resource Harvesters - Harvesters are now activated - Every 3 hours, a harvester will activate - Capture it with your clan to gets tons of loot - All 4 will be active by the end of today Item Repairing - Repairmen are now spread across spawn - Use them to repair items for XP...
    12. Minecore

      Updates Chaos | Update 3.04

      New chest types - Legendary chest, contains Epic - Fabled - Resource chest, contains blocks Clan database update - Backend changes for clan database - Pre-update to resource harvesters - Pre-update to clan base world - Ben (Vitzual) Original Discord Message
    13. Minecore

      Updates Chaos | Update 3.03

      Bug fixes - Scoreboard now displays Season 3 - Chaos pass users now have ✸ symbol - Fixed "reset point" message with tokens Store fixes - Can now select quantity of chaos tokens - Chaos pass is now applied properly - Can no longer choose tiers when buying stuff - Ben (Vitzual)...
    14. Minecore

      Updates Chaos | Update 3.02

      New token shop - Use /tshop in game to open the token shop - Tokens can be used to redeem bonuses - Unlock tokens through ranking up - Can also be purchased on the store https://store.minecore.ca/ Economy Balancing - Mobs now drop more money on death - Ores now sell for more...
    15. Minecore

      Updates Chaos | Update 3.01

      Bug fixes - Fixed being unable to reach top of temple - Fixed voting not giving any rewards - Fixed water elevators from drowning - Fixed "Zombie Slayer" mission in Chaos Pass - Ben (Vitzual) Original Discord Message
    16. Minecore

      Updates Chaos | Update 3.0

      Welcome to Season 3! The server is finally back and bigger and better then ever! We've expanded on almost every aspect of the server, and fixed a lot of the outstanding issues from the old Chaos Island (of course though, as with any server, some bugs will be present for the first week) So much...

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