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    Updates Parkour Quest | Update Beta 1.1

    Parkour Quest

    Staff member
    Potion shop opened
    - Use /menu or /shop to access it
    - Use credits to redeem potions
    - Speedy Brew gives you speed
    - Bouncy Broth gives you jump

    Playtime credits
    - Earn credits every 5 minutes
    - Credit amount is randomized

    Course credit rewards
    - Courses now give more credits
    - Getting a record rewards double

    Course changes
    - Nerfed temple checkpoint 3
    - Nerfed peaks cabin roof
    - Nerfed gardens checkpoint 1
    - Fixed gardens bridge
    - Fixed caves instant finish
    - Fixed dunes instant finish
    - Fixed peaks instant finish
    - Added easter egg to gardens
    - Added easter egg to caves
    - Added easter egg to dunes
    - Added easter egg to temple

    Other changes
    - Fixed parkour reset time string
    - Fixed toggle player visibility
    - Fixed block breaking issue
    - Fixed block placing issue
    - Fixed cave pillar jumps
    - Fixed a few other minor issues

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